healthcare marketing experts

The people of Dobies Health Marketing are highly trained healthcare marketing strategists, creative directors, designers, writers, 数字开发人员和项目经理. We are also brand builders, storytellers, social marketers, web traffic controllers and more – and we make your life easier by working as an extension of your team.

Carol Dobies, MBA

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Carol has 35+ years of healthcare marketing experience in privately operated and publicly traded healthcare firms. Her expertise in marketing strategy and branding keeps campaigns strategically aligned with senior leader expectations. Carol was named one of 25 Women Who Mean Business by the Kansas City Business Journal in 2007 and honored among 2010 Influential Women by Kansas City Business magazine.

Julie Amor, MHA

President & Chief Strategy Officer


花了30年时间提升医疗品牌, 朱莉是一位备受尊敬的医疗保健高管和商业领袖. She was the lead hospital representative in establishing The University of Kansas Hospital academic medical center brand and developing its market-leading cardiovascular and oncology service lines. She also led the marketing and communication strategy that contributed to The University of Kansas Cancer Center’s NCI designation in 2012, 以及整个卫生系统的品牌化和营销努力.

Thom Ludtke


一个有25年经验的,注重结果的营销人员, Thom has helped a diverse set of businesses build strong brands and grow revenue through integrated marketing programs. 作为数据驱动战略规划和客户管理方面经验丰富的领导者, he is highly engaged with clients and committed to working collaboratively to achieve their business goals.

Angie Leondedis

Vice President, Client Services

拥有超过30年的医疗行业经验, Angie plans, 管理和指导战略营销活动, cultivating partnership-level relationships with clients to ensure they meet their strategic objectives. 她的专长包括多渠道整合, branding and identity, thought leadership, C-suite strategy, change management, and program and product launches.

Angela Shinabargar

Vice President, Finance

多比斯健康营销公司的客户财务经理Angela Shinabargar

拥有超过20年的财务和会计经验, Angela oversees the financial health of our company and ensures all financial relationships run smoothly for our clients and vendor partners. She also excels in operations management and leads systems implementation and process improvement for the firm.

Kristi Bond

Client Services Director

Kristi is a versatile and experienced strategist with 20+ years in multi-channel marketing, business consulting, client management, product development, 以及网络和数字项目领导. Her experience in healthcare, technology and insurance lends to ensuring clients’ marketing objectives are aligned with business goals.

Diane Morgan

Content Development Director


Diane监督思想的发展和转变, 所有客户可交付成果的关键信息和战略重点纳入最终版本. She has specialized in healthcare communications since 2006 and works across all media, including web/digital, print, TV/radio, email marketing, direct mail and more. 通过结合文案皇家royal平台登录, 技术能力和深厚的医疗知识, Diane为内容营销带来了独特的综合方法.

Jeff DeRousse

Art Director

Jeff是一位经验丰富的艺术总监,经常与设计师合作, writers and account leads to produce eye-catching and highly effective creative campaigns, websites and more. 有二十年的平面设计经验, Jeff brings a critical but highly creative eye to design that inspires action and promotes brand awareness.

Jordan Kloewer

Health Data Analyst

Jordan Kloewer,多比斯健康营销的健康数据分析师

Jordan researches, analyzes and interprets comprehensive market data to deliver actionable business intelligence and formulate conclusions that drive strategy. 具有数据分析和可视化经验, 医疗保健技术和信息系统, he provides data-driven insights that form the foundation for strategic marketing plans and business goals. Jordan的认证包括HIMSS——医疗保健数据分析导论.

Maris Panjada

Client Services Manager

Maris supports our work – and our clients – as we create and execute highly integrated campaigns and other communications. 她为创意团队和客户皇家royal平台登录团队协调项目, 管理我们的品牌商品计划, 并确保我们满足所有客户的需求. Her skills in marketing and creative communications help deliver outstanding client service and results – on time, on strategy, and within budget and scope.

Lindsey Elliott

Marketing & Client Services Manager

林赛与高级战略家和战术团队一起制定计划, 管理和指导高度整合的市场营销和品牌战略. For more than a decade, she has worked in various strategic communications and media roles. 她的专长包括策划和执行整合营销活动, public relations, 社交媒体和危机沟通.

Ryan Antrim

Creative Services Manager & Video Producer

拥有15年的视听内容开发经验, Ryan通过视频将故事和品牌带入生活, TV and radio, social media, podcasts, and more. A skilled videographer, editor, director and audio specialist, he shares his passion for visual storytelling by providing conceptual ideation and innovation to support the creative aspects of multimedia projects.

Holly Lawton

Senior Writer/Project Manager

Holly Lawton的肖像,资深作家/项目经理

Since 1992, Holly has been developing and managing content that resonates and inspires action. 在健康营销公司有丰富的写作经验, creative agencies, 公司和新闻机构, 霍莉是一个会写故事的人, edit, collaborate, 说服并指导所有媒体的营销沟通. She executes the creative direction and strategy for our clients with content that makes connections and creates healthier brands.

Shelly Searles

Graphic Designer

Shelly Searles, Dobies健康营销的创意皇家royal平台登录经理

Shelly has 20 years of experience helping clients develop brands and promote products in highly effective ways. 专门从事医疗保健组织的设计, she brings creative strength and a collaborative spirit to her role in establishing the creative vision for integrated high-visibility campaigns across all media.

Donna Broussard Segura

Healthcare Marketing Writer

Donna Broussard Segura,医疗保健营销作家

从医疗社会工作者到市场营销主管, 唐娜在医疗保健行业工作了20多年, 发展创新战略与创意, inspired content. 她开始在《皇家royal平台》(The Harvard Crimson)写作,并磨练了自己作为记者的技能. With a magazine, 广播节目和博览会都是为50岁以上的人群设计的, 唐娜对这个关键的市场提供了独特的见解. 她的赠款写作为非营利组织筹集了数百万美元. Donna is a wordsmith who brings passion and imagination to weave magic into our client stories.

J. Darrin Widick, MBA

Digital Lead

J. 达林·威迪克,多比斯健康营销的负责人

达林领导互动策略和监督数字广告活动. He has more than two decades of communications experience and has served our healthcare clients since 1995 through our partner company and digital marketing division, Group 3 Solutions. 他在整合互动营销策略方面有丰富的背景, 公关和网络开发帮助我们的客户有效地沟通数字信息.

Eva Doleshal

Digital Project Manager


Eva has 15 years of experience serving the healthcare industry with integrated marketing and communication services. 她目前担任多个互动和数字客户的项目经理. 她的背景包括客户皇家royal平台登录, project coordination, creative development, and SEO/SEM services. She has deep knowledge of Google paid and tracking digital services and experience with production of all marketing media from traditional to digital development.

Chris Morris

Senior Digital Developer

Chris Morris, Dobies健康营销互动开发者

过去十年的网页开发经验, Chris为我们的数字团队带来了广泛的皇家royal平台登录. His work includes a wide variety of interactive projects for clients of all industries, including healthcare, communications and technology. 作为交互开发人员,Chris为我们的客户支持许多基于web的倡议.

Ryan Kesner

Digital Developer

Ryan Kesner,多比斯健康营销的搜索营销专家

Ryan分析客户端搜索可见性, monitors social media presence and tracks website analytics to develop client strategies and implement search and social marketing efforts.

JoMarie Bertoncin

Media Services Lead

JoMarie Bertoncin, Dobies Health Marketing的媒体采购员

JoMarie, founder of bertoncinMEDIA, 在媒体和广告方面有20年的经验, 为医疗行业的许多客户提供皇家royal平台登录. As our Media Services Lead, JoMarie helps ensure all creative communications reach target audiences with the right mix and frequency. She was honored twice by Media Mix of Kansas City as Buyer of the Year (nominated again in 2015), 两次被提名为年度机构主任. 她的名字也出现在《皇家royal平台登录》中.

Amy O’Hara

Digital Media Lead

As Director of Business Strategy & 古德威集团发展和多比健康营销数字媒体主管, Amy在数字媒体策略和执行方面有超过20年的经验, frequently collaborating with healthcare organizations to drive new engagements that translate to expanded patient/customer volume. Amy views research and data as key starting points for holistic planning and believes leveraging analytics across all channels delivers the best results.